Current Issue: October 2018 Newsletter Highlights: President and Director's Reports AZ Aviation Accident Summary GAJSC Safety Topic: Pilots & Medication Payson Pie Run Getaway Recap of White Sands Missile Range Let's Go Around by Howard Deevers Garmin 700 Series Autopilot by Fred Gibbs Event Pictures, Upcoming...  Read more...Newsletters
Airparks of Arizona
AIRPARK NAME / CONTACT  CITY  HOMES / SITES  REALTOR  Big Springs Airpark  Prescott  12        Mgr: Peter Hartman (928) 626-7207           Castle Wells   Morristown  5/10  Pat Mindrup - Tinzie Realty ...  Read more...Airparks of Arizona
APA Scholarship Program
Arizona Pilots Association Scholarship Program The Arizona Pilots Association awards scholarships each year to deserving Arizona youth. With these scholarships we hope to further the education of students who intend to work in the field of aviation as a pilot, aircraft maintenance technician or other related field. Applicants must maintain a scholastic position in...  Read more...APA Scholarship Program
Nearby State Organizations Colorado: New Mexico: Utah: California: Flying Clubs Clubs City Location Meeting Times Contact Phone Phoenix Flyers Phoenix/Chandler (Varies-check...  Read more...Aviation Links
Backcountry Airstrip Safety Information
These bulletins were produced by the APA and RAF to provide information to increase the safety of pilots choosing to fly into these backcountry airstrips. See locations on Google Maps. Double Circle Ranch/Eagle Creek  Grapevine Pleasant Valley Young, AZ Red Creek Grand Gulch SAFETY BRIEFING VIDEOS by Rich Finkle Red Creek...  Read more...Backcountry Airstrip Safety Information

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